Facts About Nordics

  • 6 Million Square Feet of Industrial Real Estate Space
  • 20 Logistics Real Estate Buildings
  • 5 Acres of Land
Data as of September 30, 2018 for assets the company owned or had investments in, on a wholly owned basis or through co-investment ventures, properties and development projects.


  • Senior Leaders
Prologis Bram Verhoeven

Bram Verhoeven

Senior Vice President, Regional Head Northern Europe

Bram Verhoeven, senior vice president, Regional Head Northern Europe, is responsible for the entire portfolio, which includes leasing and managing...

Gunnar Gillholm

Gunnar Gillholm

Vice President, Market Officer Nordics

Gunnar Gillholm is vice president, market officer Nordics at Prologis. As a member of the leasing team, his main responsibilities include leasing and...

Johan Nihlmark

Johan Nihlmark

Director, Market Officer at Prologis Nordics

Johan Nihlmark is director, market officer at Prologis Nordics.

He is tasked with leasing in several key regions in the Nordics. His main...

Magnus Thim

Magnus Thim

Senior Property Manager at Prologis Nordics

Magnus Thim is senior property manager Nordics. He has 19 assets under management, representing approximately 500,000 square meters.

Thim is...

 Renée Randau Cibuk

Renée Randau Cibuk

Administrative Assistant at Prologis Nordics

Renée Randau Cibuk joined Prologis in 2015 as the administrative assistant for Prologis Nordics. She supports the leasing, poperty management, project...

Prologis Isabel Kluth

Isabel Kluth

Director Marketing and Communications Northern Europe

Isabel Kluth, director marketing and communications in Northern Europe, leads the marketing and communications activities for Prologis in Germany,...


Jordbro DC1

Jordbro DC1

Haninge, Sweden

Jordbro Business Park is just 25 kilometers southeast of downtown Stockholm.

Prologis Arlanda Park DC2, Sweden

Arlanda DC2

Sigtuna/Marsta, Sweden

Arlanda is known for its well-developed infrastructure. The facility is located 6 km north of Stockholm, right by the E4 motorway.

Gothenburg Park II DC2

Gothenburg Park II DC2 Units 2-4

Gothenburg, Sweden

Prologis is developing its second logistics park in Gothenburg.

Stelvio for Life

Stelvio for Life Foundation

Members of our local corporate responsibility committee and other volunteers organize several fundraising activities annually for the Stelvio for Life Foundation, a charity founded in the Netherlands in 2012. Stelvio for Life Foundation raises funds for the Barcode for Life Foundation, which supports research for personalized cancer treatment based on DNA analysis.