Prologis Park Helsingborg DC1 is in the Öresund region, one of Sweden's most attractive logistics locations. The plant was built in 2014 and is certified as a green building. Solar cells occupy 1,615 square meters on the roof, generating up to 131,519 kilowatt hours per year.

The Örseund region in southern Sweden acts as a gateway to mainland Europe and the European markets. With almost 4 million people, it is the mostly densely populated area in the Scandinavian countries.

The logistics facility is located next to the port of Helsingborg, Sweden's second-largest container port with intermodal terminals in prime locations. All trucks from Europe destined for Stockholm, Gothenburg or Oslo pass through this area. Moreover, the Fehmarn Bält Bahn will open in a few years, which will help reduce seasonal delays and shorten delivery times to and from Germany and northern Europe.



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