Ever since the Öresund Bridge opened in 2000, Southern Sweden and the Copenhagen area have been closely connected. Attracting companies and new residents, the region is home to almost 3.9 million people, which makes it the most populated area in the Nordics.

The Öresund Region has seen major change with large infrastructure investments that have modernized the area and created what could be called “the entrance to mainland Europe.” Major hubs—specifically the airports in Copenhagen, Malmö and Ängelholm—are all located within the region. One of Sweden’s largest ports, the Port of Helsingborg, is also in the area and handles around 7 million tons of goods every year.

The area offers a great business climate because of its geographical location, which attracts regional headquarters for global companies. The transportation network is currently being updated, which will help shorten delivery times and reduce delays. In a couple of years, the Fehmarn Bält-railway is expected to open and will further improve access to northern Germany and Europe. Railway connections are also expanding between the Swedish cities of Malmö and Lund, which will increase transportation capacity.

A well-educated workforce to staff future logistics needs lives in the Öresund Region. Two of Sweden’s largest universities, Malmö University and Lund University, are nearby and offer three-year education programs within the logistic sector, as well as further research within the field.

Because of the outstanding geographical location, fast-growing population and excellent infrastructure, airport and harbor facilities, this is an important area for logistics and logistics real estate. The acquisition of the new property in Helsingborg, the E6 Terminal, marks the beginning of Prologis’ presence in the Öresund region.

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