Örebro DC1 is Prologis’ oldest property in Sweden. Built in 1967 and renovated several times, the 48,000 square foot building was in need of a substantial face-lift and upgrades to its environmental specifications. Work is now finished. We spoke to Magnus Thim—Prologis senior property manager in Scandinavia, who is responsible for the job—to hear his thoughts and observations about the brownfield renovation project.

“The entire venture creates a more modern, more attractive and more sustainable property in one of the country’s absolutely best logistics locations,” says Thim. “The project is proof that Prologis has a long-term focus on its property holdings. Our tenants really appreciate that it’s not simply a question of buying and selling.”

Although the building was due for an update it was far from worn out, so Prologis decided to invest heavily. Among the most visible changes is new paneling on the facade. Thim points out, “We are, however, keeping the brick facade in the front so that the style of the building is maintained to a certain extent. The new panels will improve the energy efficiency of the entire building.”

The change to LED lighting with sensor control is yet another reinforcement of the building’s environmental profile. It not only provides up to 35 percent improved energy efficiency, it also improves lighting considerably for those who work on the premises. The heating control system has been modernized, which contributes to future-proofing the building in regard to energy use.

Other elements that will receive attention are the ports and docks, which will be replaced for improved functionality. The floor inside the warehouse section has been renovated and strengthened in certain places to bear heavy loads. Even the changing rooms, toilets and office space are getting a face-lift. A curious detail is that the premises already feature two fully functioning bowling lanes, a gymnastics hall and a health center—all of which will remain.

“You almost won’t believe it’s the same building when it’s finished,” says Thim and proudly shows some photos from the first renovations. He adds that despite the schedule being tight, everything was finished on time: “It was a challenge, but we are working with good and reliable suppliers that deliver on their promises with the right quality at the right price. An investment like this requires a good partnership with all involved. Mutual confidence makes it possible to be on time in a stressful schedule.”


Örebro DC1 exterior, before and after
Exterior, before and after


Örebro DC1 before after
Interior, before and after renovation


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