Growth has always been the objective for Prologis in the Nordics—but not at any cost. Sights are set on long-term, strong investments with a future focus. For Gunnar Gillholm, business developer at Prologis, it’s a question of following societal development with urbanization and e-commerce’s advance as a dynamic force. His watchword is “leave no stone unturned.”

In 2016, Prologis set the goal of doubling its portfolio by 2020 by being open to business in many forms—from developments in logistics hot spots to purchases of existing facilities with growth potential. Gillholm, who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, joined Prologis in 2006. His role is business development with a focus on Norrköping and the Stockholm region.

“We’re moving in the right direction,” says Gillholm. “We are very particular with what we invest in and where we want to be, but with the right parameters in place, we act.”

An important part of Prologis’ strength is its financial muscle. Gillholm explains, “Prologis can enter a project without external financing. There is great competition on the market, but we have endurance and always make thorough investigations around potential business. When everything is attuned, we can strike directly.”

Attractiveness and Potential Create Flexibility

There are many kinds of deals, but each one needs to be attractive from a future perspective and be good, secure investments, which is exemplified by Rosersberg in Stockholm, where Prologis bought an existing facility last year. The investment is now being augmented by the addition of a 10,000 square meter logistics building and potential for additional projects.

“When we invest, we always look for development potential,” says Gillholm.

Properties should be located in key logistical areas or have the potential to increase in importance for logistical development.

“With this in place, we can build logistics parks or clusters of properties that can serve our customers with increased flexibility and customized contracts for clients who need room to change” says Gillholm. “The more attractive our location, the greater the flexibility we can create.”


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