Renée Randau Cibuk began as an assistant at Prologis in 2015, and late last spring she seized an opportunity to join the property management team. Her new role as a facilitator is to ensure the team operates smoothly and keeping the client experience on the highest level.

Cibuk was previously a shop manager at a furniture warehouse, but after a maternity leave she sought new challenges. With a leadership education in tow, she applied for a job focused on service. Good colleagues, exciting work assignments, international affiliations and the opportunity to learn something new were high on her wish list.

“During the interview at Prologis, everything felt right. It’s a company with a strong vision that always wants to stay ahead and to develop,” says Cibuk.

Positive Changes

When the opportunity arose for her to join the property management team with Magnus Thim and Robert Wiström, the choice was easy. Cibuk explains, “I didn’t need to think very long before I said ‘yes.’ It felt like the right path to take, and at the same time I got a lot of encouragement internally to take the step.”

Cibuk has settled into her new responsibilities, where she oversees the property management team’s daily operations. Her assignments vary—communicating with customers, handling questions about invoices, checking meters, booking trips, keeping the team together and ensuring everything works at her team’s properties. What Cibuk finds most rewarding is visiting Prologis properties and seeing the results of her efforts onsite.

“I feel quite at home with my new role, even though everything is actually starting now. During the spring, I had a few projects I managed—for example, the renovation of Prologis’ office—but it’s now that everything is starting for real,” she says.

Growth at Prologis

Cibuk sees great possibilities for further growth with Prologis: “I would like to remain at Prologis many years to come to be able to develop in new roles. I love that the corporate language is English and all the contact we have with the other countries’ organizations. There is development ahead within the company, and I wouldn’t like to go back to a place without international connections.”

Cibuk’s best qualities:

  • enterprising
  • direct and clear
  • determined
  • service minded
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