Logistics real estate company Prologis signed an agreement to expand the central warehouse of home electronics company Power in Skillingaryd, outside of Jönköping. The expansion comprises nearly 28,000 square meters and includes an upgrade of Power’s existing facility of over 63,000 square meters. The contract is a Prologis Clear Lease®, in which the rental fee also includes maintenance, care and management. Construction will begin immediately, and the building is expected to be completed in fall 2021.

Power’s central warehouse in Skillingaryd will supply the entire Nordic region with products, whether brick-and-mortar, e-commerce or direct-to-consumer transactions. The plans for the new building and upgrades were anticipated for a long time and accelerated to accommodate growth in 2020.  For Power, this involves storing large quantities of electronics in order to maintain a high and fast level of service while keeping prices competitive.

“Demand has grown quickly, and we’ve needed more space for some time,” says Ulrika Onselius, site manager at Power International Logistics AB in Skillingaryd. “We’re constantly looking ahead to secure our market share, both to ensure effective flows, transport and logistics, and to be able to store the correct volumes in order to keep our promise for quick deliveries.”

The upgrade and new construction comprise several elements in addition to increased space. The plan includes safety, efficiency and environmental features. Prologis’ construction plan was developed in close cooperation with Power and will add 33 loading docks, expand covered parking and create a new flow, where all transports will drive in the same direction around the property. The new construction will have BREEAM “Very Good” environmental accreditation.

“With the new docks and new traffic flow, all goods will be received on one side and loaded on the other,” explains Onselius. “With transports parked nearby, loading and unloading times can be reduced when the different transports can be prioritized quickly.”

In conjunction with the new construction, all lighting will be replaced with energy-saving and smart LED lights for enhanced energy efficiency and an improved work environment. The facility will also include a recreational area to enable staff to spend time outdoors when the weather permits, and the roof will be equipped with solar panels.

“Together with Power, an important environmental aspect has been able to influence this expansion,” says Johan Nihlmark, business developer at Prologis. “A small stream runs around the property, and it needed to be protected—so the scope of the loading docks was limited, and the stream was screened off to protect wildlife.”

The agreement with Power is the first Clear Lease® signed by Prologis in Sweden.

“Prologis is continuously developing new solutions that enable customers to focus on their own business,” says Nihlmark. “With Clear Lease®, we handle all maintenance, care and administration for a fixed additional fee. We’ve also recently launched a new European marketplace, where customers can order centrally procured products, such as racking, forklifts, LED lights and even solar panel facilities.” 

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