Gothenburg Opera hopes to bring more culture to Torslanda with an additional 4,800 square meters, an increase of nearly 50 percent. Part of the space will be modified for audiences and include two new rehearsal and performance stages.

Although Gothenburg Opera’s facilities are larger than originally intended and only a year old, the organization saw potential to expand and requested more space. After discussions with an existing tenant changed directions, Prologis was able to accommodate the Opera with nearly 5,000 additional square meters.

“We were actually able to help two customers at once,” says Johan Nihlmark, business developer at Prologis. “And we’re also really pleased to be able to help give Gothenburg two potential new rehearsal and performance stages out in Torslanda.” The Opera will now begin major modifications and renovations for the new operation.

For Gothenburg Opera, the expansion means it can bring an idea to fruition: to create a partnership between the city and regionally funded theaters in Gothenburg.

“The partnership includes Folkteatern, Gothenburg City Theatre, Backa Theatre and Angered Theatre. They’ve all shut down their existing warehouses and are now moving in with us, out in Torslanda. This solution will apply primarily for the next 10 years, and it’s a joint solution that will lighten the load for all of the organizations,” says Håkan Jönsson, facility manager at Gothenburg Opera.

The facilities will provide more space for warehousing and logistics, as well as something entirely new: approximately 1,200 square meters for two freestanding stages, mainly intended for rehearsals. The larger of the two, 24 square meters, has a 12-meter-high ceiling. Folkteatern, Gothenburg Opera and Gothenburg City Theatre will share the stages.

“Rehearsals for today’s productions are often technically complicated and require being in the technical environment. As a repertory theater with a lot of different shows, we’re extremely short on stage time. These new rehearsal spaces will make us more efficient,” says Jönsson, mentioning a dance piece in which the performers interact with cranes from a moving stage.

The stages are also intended for use by audiences—for everything from art openings to small performances. The bigger stage will have room for an audience of 350 people. The plan also includes a foyer and social areas.

“The partnership entails significant synergistic benefits. Not only in terms of coordination of logistics from the space for the different theaters, it will also be easier to share props and sets. Even our big workshop will have more use. Simply put, we see enormous potential for the shared use of a wide variety of resources,” says Jönsson.


  • Prologis Gothenburg Park II DC2, Unit 2&3.
  • Address: Sörredsvägen 103, Torslanda.
  • Area: 13,800 square meters
  • Contract period: until December 31, 2037
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