Magnus Thim is senior property manager Nordics, and he administers 520,000 square meters divided over 18 properties in Scandinavia. His strength lies in his technical knowledge and work philosophy, which is based on three key words: presence, closeness and partnership.

Magnus Thim has worked over 20 years in construction and property administration. In 2016, he started working at Prologis and has no regrets. “It was really something new to join a global company. Different worlds and many languages, but I quickly discovered we had a lot in common,” he says. “We often have the same challenges, and within the company there is an incredible bank of experience for support when you face problems. I feel that Prologis really cares about its employees and the world. It’s not just empty words, but the core of the company.”

When it comes to relations with both customers and suppliers, Magnus has a clear picture of what is needed. He says, “Tenants should feel at home and feel that they get what they want. That’s always the most important thing. The first way to ensure customer satisfaction is to be present and understand their needs.”

Magnus works according to three key words that summarize his philosophy toward world-class property management. He explains, “The first one is presence. To put it simply: being there. I visit our customers and their properties regularly, either personally or via our partner for property management, L&T. We keep our promises and have continuous contact with our customers.”

Secondly is closeness to the customer. “I have to understand the customer’s priorities,” he says.  

Partnership is the third and decisive ingredient in Magnus’ view of the job, between both the tenants and the subcontractors. “That’s what gets the job done,” he states. “Whether it’s a supplier or a tenant, it’s important to create a relationship where there is more give and take. It’s not a relationship between a buyer and seller, but a partnership where good dialogue can grow.”  

The technical expertise he amassed during 20 years of working in various types of property management is an important asset in that relationship: “I don’t have to lean on subcontractors’ knowledge but can quickly make an assessment of whether a proposal is right and reasonable. It’s also what creates the opportunity for real dialogue and good collaboration. My job is to create long-term relationships where the customer can feel secure and focus on their own operation, not taking care of the property. That way, our tenants feel confident that we take care of everything.”

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