Defining your brand in today’s market place is a necessary strategic calculation based on core values and sound principles. Enabling potential and existing customers to buy into a positive experience builds a lasting relationship and makes a memorable impression that can be shared. In this sense, it pays to have a recognizable and differentiated brand.

Brand awareness is important, and we invest careful time and energy in developing our brand story in those areas that matter most to our customers, stakeholders and employees. In an independent study that looks at total brand value and positioning, Prologis was named strongest European real estate developer brand of 2018.

Prologis received the award in the “Logistics” category at this year’s Real Estate Brand Awards by the German-based European Real Estate Brand Institute (REB Institute), a leading platform for the benchmarking and evaluation of corporate brands within the European real estate industry.

Through the largest scientifically recognized brand value study, more than 1,400 real estate companies have been evaluated annually since 2009. Prologis has consistently increased its score along the measured key performance indicators and now tops the REB-Institute brand index of top 100 real estate developers.

This year, the highest-scoring brand aspect were regional operating competence, innovation power and conversion strength, a measure of how compelling our brand power is at influencing action, laying a good independent benchmark for future development.

“We’re systematically elevating our brand profile and focusing on those areas that will differentiate and define us. This award is an indicator that our brand strategy is paying off”, says Marta Tesiorowska, vice president, head of marketing and communications Europe. “Independent and scientific recognition of our brand value is important, it sets the bar for further development of our brand share.”

The empirical study defines a top 100 brand index of real estate developers in Europe. The research analyses improvements across key performance indicators and measures the positioning of the most important real estate companies in Europe. This annual study was carried out by surveying 94,868 industry experts across 47 countries in Europe and uses a brand value model that combines qualitative and quantitative methods to present results that are clear to understand.

Please contact Phil Raitt or Marta Tesiorowsaka if you would like more information about this study.


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