Taking sustainability to the next level was key when developing expansions for Power in Jönköping and Footway in Eskilstuna, which involved everything from BREEAM accreditation to carbon footprint reduction and ensuring biodiversity protection.

For decades, Prologis has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and governance (ESG) by using innovative and sustainable building materials. Additionally, all new developments in Europe embody Prologis’ partnership with Cool Earth, a climate change charity, and the Planet Mark sustainability certification.

Through Cool Earth, the expansions in Jönköping and Eskilstuna will protect 400 hectares of threatened rainforest in Papua New Guinea, safeguarding both wildlife and biodiversity, as well as mitigating whole-life carbon emissions. And sustainable building materials, such as an innovative flooring system that reduces slab thickness while maintaining load-bearing capacity, translate to significant carbon emission reductions in both projects.

Sharing a Sustainable Focus

The environment was on the agenda from day one of planning the projects, and the ecological part of the BREEAM accreditation earned extra attention. In Skillingaryd, for instance, the scope of the loading docks was limited to protect a stream and nearby wildlife.

The tenants, Power and Footway, share Prologis’ sustainable approach and concern about the environmental impact of the projects. “Having our clients on board makes it possible for us to take things further,” says Tony Johansson, project manager at Prologis Nordics.

“For us at Power, it’s important to focus on sustainability,” says Ulrika Onselius, site manager at Power International Logistics AB in Skillingaryd, Jönköping. “We work systematically to make our contribution count from a broader perspective. In addition to taking personal responsibility for our business—such as ethical guidelines, transport and electricity consumption—we also help our customers make greener choices.”

Jesper Dahlqvist, site manager at Footways adds, “For us, sustainability is important on several levels. We need to consider our customers’ increasing demands for sustainable products and transports, as well as the expectations of our existing and future suppliers and e-commerce stores. Sustainability and consideration for the surrounding environments of our properties is therefore a natural part of our business, rather than just a way to meet regulatory requirements.”

Extra Sustainable Features

Together with Power and Footway, the Prologis team developed the buildings. Using BREEAM accreditation as a starting point, the team added more sustainable features as the projects progressed, such as readying the new buildings for solar panels and installing smart LED lights for energy efficiency and an improved work environment.

Additional features were also included for employees, including an outdoor recreational area, extra daylight in the warehouse, charging points for electrical cars and an indoor exercise area.

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