Prologis customers are the center of our business. The European initiative PARKlife™ is part of this focus, offering extra facilities and amenities to our customers, their employees and local communities. From EV charging stations to sports facilities, PARKlife represents how shared spaces and places promote positive social interactions for everyone.

The Gothenburg Customer Experience team arranged a walk in the Prologis Park Gothenburg II to put the concept into practice. The idea was to guide Prologis customers in the logistics park through the different activities that take place there.

“We simply set up kind of a guided tour,” says Patrick Inhammar, facility manager at Prologis. The tenants got to visit each other, see each other’s operations, share ideas, find solutions for their own operations and, of course, get to know each other. Over a dozen people took part of the day.”

The day started with breakfast at a tenant’s automotive business with a tour of their warehouse and factory. This was followed by a visit to a large third-party logistics company to see their operations. After lunch together, the next stop was at the facility of a company that handles market logistics and coordination for e-commerce businesses. 

The day ended on a completely different note: the Gothenburg Opera’s unique warehouse, a facility that not only has workshops to build scenery and store props and clothes, but also two complete stages for full-scale rehearsals and even audience performances.

“The day was very appreciated by the participants, and I think more than a few left with some good ideas to implement at home and new friends to say ‘hi’ to in the park.”


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