Our In-House Property Management Program Includes:

At Prologis, we retain ownership of our buildings. That means we have a long-term interest in ensuring that our facilities are maintained to a high standard, our customers are well served and their operations run efficiently.

It is of the highest priority for Prologis that our industrial real estate facilities meet or exceed current sustainability standards. Our property management team is involved in the planning process for each building to ensure maximum efficiency for our customers.

Our in-house property management program includes:


  • A 24/7 hotline with external partners
  • A web application with 24/7 insight into the status of planned maintenance, quotations and remaining operations
  • Coordination of construction maintenance or expansion work
  • Professional and fast processing of any insured loss
  • Management of external service providers, such as cleaning companies, roofing specialists and facility management vendors
  • Transparent accounting for utilities
  • Cost-reduction programs, including volume discounts and continuous services
  • Emergency preparedness to ensure continuity for our customers’ operations
  • Seasonal services, such as the removal of snow from rooftops to prevent collapse


Magnus Thim

Property Manager
+46 (0) 31-335 48 15
[email protected]

Vädursgatan 5
412 50 Göteborg


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