Welcome to our World

At Prologis we make so much more than warehouses. Over the years we’ve created the spaces and places where our customers’ businesses can grow, their employees can thrive and where local communities and wildlife can flourish.
We make longstanding and enduring commitments to our customers, our employees, our investors and to the communities in which we are based. That’s because, in our world, it’s not just about what we make: it’s about what we make possible.
Whether it’s business success, a future career or customer satisfaction, something special is MADE IN PROLOGIS.



We always exceed the expectations of our customers with innovative buildings and award-winning customer service. Incorporating health and well-being into building design is a poignant example of our innovative approach to sustainability. We constantly seek to stay one step ahead and put people at the center of industrial design thinking. That’s why we are building the warehouse of tomorrow. Our Prologis DC5 facility, in Tilburg, the Netherlands has become the first fully-fitted warehouse in the world to achieve Gold Level WELL Certification, with a social-sustainability focus. Because coming to work is supposed to be fun.



We work hard to build long-standing relationships with our customers. Customer satisfaction is key for us. That’s why we always work in close collaboration with our customers and customize our facilities according to their needs and wishes. When the Gothenburg Opera were forced to find a new warehouse solution, their choice was Prologis’ 9,000 square meters of open space, and nearly 12 meters of clear height in Torslanda. In collaboration with the Prologis team, the Gothenburg Opera has transformed the premises into more than just a warehouse for props, but also a complete scenery workshop.



We know our customers need to deliver on their promises, so we work hard to deliver on ours. Recently, Valmet AB decided to move one of their service centers to Prologis’ premises in Hisingen. Together with Prologis, the company is now in the process of making major adaptations and investments in the premises to suit operations, including manufacturing, upgrading and reparation of large furnaces. These operations demand a lot of space for welding, grinding, cutting and processing. Valmet was looking for a large, stable landlord that was also willing to think outside of the box. Prologis met all those criteria and has been able to keep its promises.