Gothenburg is Sweden’s second-largest city and the fifth largest in the Nordic countries. The city has a population of about 580,000 and circa 1 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. Located on the west coast of Sweden and in the center of Scandinavia, Gothenburg is part of a North Sea axis with the Öresund region of Copenhagen, Denmark, and Malmö, Sweden, to the south and the metropolitan area of Oslo, Norway, to the north. This key position has enabled Gothenburg to increase its industrial importance continuously since the 16th century. There are two important logistics submarkets in the Gothenburg region, the harbor and Boras area, which is located farther inland with Landvetter Airport in between.

Trade and shipping have always been a big part of the city's economic history due to Gothenburg's advantageous location. Other big sectors are the manufacturing and engineering industry, as well as banking and financing, along with the event and tourism industry.

Gothenburg’s strategic proximity to large industrial clusters makes it an excellent location for automotive industry suppliers.

The Port of Gothenburg is not only Scandinavia’s largest, it is also Northern Europe’s largest port for export. In 2016, the port handled almost 41 million tons of goods. Ambitions in the region are high: A 2016 report from the Business Region Gothenburg projected investment plans through 2035 to construct homes, office and retail properties, and infrastructure and logistics facilities in the Gothenburg region at a cost between 800-1,000 billion kronor.

The main airport of Gothenburg is Landvetter Airport.

Prologis operates numerous industrial properties and warehouses in Gothenburg.



Featured Properties

Gothenburg Park II DC2

Gothenburg Park II DC2 Units 2-4

Gothenburg, Sweden

Prologis is developing its second logistics park in Gothenburg.

Prologis Gothenburg Park DC3, Sweden

Gothenburg DC3

Gothenburg, Sweden

Prologis Park Gothenburg in total comprises 70,000 sqm, divided in four buildings. The warehouses have a clear height of 10 m and offer modern offices...

Prologis Park Gothenburg II DC4 and DC5

Prologis Gothenburg Park II DC4

Göteborg, Sweden

Gothenburg Park II DC4 is in Hisingen Logistics Park, which is next to the Port of Gothenburg, the largest port in the Nordics. The site is near...

Prologis Park Göteborg - Hisingen

Prologis Gothenburg Park II DC5

Göteborg, Sweden

Gothenburg Park II DC5 is in the prime location of Hisingen Logistics Park by the Port of Gothenburg. The site is near Gothenburg Airport and highways...

Prologis Park Gothenburg II DC6

Prologis Gothenburg Park II DC6

Göteborg, Sweden

Gothenburg Park II DC6 sits in the prime location of Hisingen Logistics Park by the Port of Gothenburg. The site is near Gothenburg Airport and...

Prologis Park Partille

Prologis Park Partille DC1

Partille, Sweden

Prologis Park Partille is an attractive last-mile location in the Gothenburg region. The logistics facility is 15,053 square meters.

Prologis Park Landvetter

Prologis Park Landvetter DC1

Landvetter, Sweden

Prologis Park Landvetter DC1 is adjacent to Landvetter Airport in Gothenburg, which is a prime logistics location. The facility comprises 50,402...

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