AI is indeed a big, fast-moving train—but before you can engage with AI and get value out of it, you have to have data—digitised,” said Hamid Moghadam, our co-founder, chairman and CEO at our recent signature thought-leadership event, GROUNDBREAKERS 2023, in October. Ted Decker, Chair, President and CEO of The Home Depot agreed, "Every company has to be a technology company, a data company and increasingly, a data science company.”

That summed up the thrust of the one-day event: the value and success of logistics relies heavily on data to provide innovation and insight into mobility, workforce, energy and operational efficiencies.  

“Generative AI is a whole new ballgame in logistics, allowing businesses to look at the entire routing process and patterns—inserting valuable human ‘bread crumbs’ and multiple affecters (i.e. school zones/times, peak hours etc)—to deliver a world without delays and interruptions, which is what true automation can bring to industry,” said the co-Founder of Wise Systems, Chazz Sims at the event, viewed in-person and online by thousands around the globe. 

Sims was part of this year’s north stars within supply chain, energy, leadership and innovators at GROUNDBREAKERS 2023 for the third year running,  

The green, clean energy mass adoption 

EVP at BYD Company Ltd. and CEO, BYD Americas, Stella Li, said, "In the next three to five years, advanced EV battery innovations will enable even heavy-duty trucks operating at ports to be electrified within 30 minutes." in a conversation moderated by FreightWaves Founder and CEO Craig Fuller, and panel experts Stella Li, EVP at BYD Company Ltd. and CEO, BYD Americas; Dave Merrill, co-founder and CEO, Elroy Aviation; and Laura Renger, executive director at California Electric Transportation Coalition.

The conversation includes insights into resulting wellbeing of workforce. When partnered with AI-led time efficiencies, delays are prevented and stress levels of drivers are improved.  

"Will ChatGPT take my job?" 

"AI is your assistant. In fact, someone asked the question, 'Will ChatGPT take my job?' No, but someone using ChatGPT will take your job," said Azita Martin, vice president and general manager of AI for Retail CPG and QSR, NVIDIA. "That's really important because AI can crunch a lot of data and give you a lot of information that would take several people and weeks to put together." His co-panellists, Brad Stone, author and senior executive editor Bloomberg Technology, and Warren Packard, operating partner at AI Fund, agreed that upskilling talent is the key to empowering workforce. 


We’re excited to be able to announce that GROUNDBREAKERS 2024 will be in Europe for the first time, in London on October 2, 2024. Follow Prologis on LinkedIn for further updates on our signature thought-leadership event. 

Don’t miss the learnings 

There are many more learnings and insights. The keynote and panel discussions for GROUNDBREAKERS 2023 can be viewed on demand here. 


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