Rooftop solar and storage installations on Prologis Inc’s global portfolio can now generate 500 megawatts of energy—a significant milestone that puts the company halfway to its 1GW by 2025 goal. Prologis has been installing solar in its buildings since 2005 and achieved this important milestone in December 2023.

It was 2022 when Prologis announced their goal to achieve net zero emissions across its operations and value chain by 2040. The company has set interim goals to track its progress, which include achieving one GW of solar by 2025, supported by energy storage. Across its global portfolio, Prologis increased its rooftop solar generation 32 percent since September 30, 2022 (when it totaled 378 MW).

In Europe, Prologis recently won ten on-roof solar contracts as part of the German government’s latest Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) tender. Prologis was one of the largest bidders of the 88-contract auction, winning a contract for every bid submitted. The 10 contracts will add more than 16MW to Prologis’ solar portfolio, supplying energy to more than 11,000 German households per year. It expects to be able to assist the German government in reducing their CO2 emissions annually by approximately 13,300 tonnes.

In addition to Germany, Prologis works with the public sectors in all its 12 European markets to support the needs of local communities and businesses. These rooftop solar efforts increase capabilities of municipalities and local governments to generate clean, renewable energy locally, creating a more resilient and dependable source of energy as well as meeting sustainability goals. 

According to Sean Greany, head of Energy, Prologis Europe, “We’re proud of our efforts into solar energy production and battery storage, which provide our customers and communities with increased access to clean, renewable energy as they transition from fossil fuel.

Since the installation of our first solar panel in 2005, we have been pushing the boundaries in our industry—leveraging our scale, global presence and local expertise to help expand the generation of solar power and support the transition to renewable energy.”

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